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The application period for Best Workplaces for Commuters is now open!

This prestigious recognition for individual employers, multiple-employer properties, and universities gives awardees national recognition and access to training and additional professional certifications and networking. Earning the BWC is also a great recruiting tool.

While any business, site or university may...


In response to Covid-19, Central Texans are facing unexpected challenges affecting personal travel choices. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) needs your help to understand the mobility challenges you've faced over the past few months.

Click the link to take the survey: https://bit.ly/RMA-Survey

The CTRMA oversees a comprehensive regional...

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The MOVE America mobility event, originally planned as an in-person event in Austin, is taking place virtually on Sept. 1-3 this year. Movability is able to offer Let’s Go News readers free access to the event, which will include nine tracks over several days, all focused on urban mobility and disruptors and innovators in that field.



Great news for those who use the Capitol Metro South Congress transit center: Revel and Capital Metro have entered an agreement allowing Revel mopeds to be stationed at the South Congress transit hub.

Thanks to the partnership between Revel and Capital Metro, transit riders can hop off the bus and hop onto a moped to get to their final destination safely and...

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The Association for Commuter Transportation Conference will take place virtually this year, from August 3-5. If you are an employer interested in commutes and mobility, a mobility professional, or metropolitan planner, this is the place to be!

Learn more about the conference and how to attend here.

Movability’s own Executive Director, Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel, as well as many of...

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In partnership with e-work.com, Best Workplaces for Commuters is now offering a five-part Teleworker Certification Series to help managers and teleworkers stand out in a crowded digital workplace. Certification shows that you are trained to stay organized, to accomplish more, to work more efficiently, to communicate better, to perform as a team contributor, and that teleworkers know how to remain “visible” while away.

BWC Members and...


Reduced speed limits in neighborhoods, Healthy Streets, and new bike lanes on Congress Ave. are all some of the recent updates coming to Austin streets. Here's what you can expect to see on Austin streets over the next few months:

  • 1. Reduced speed limits in Austin neighborhoods and certain urban core streets were unanimously approved last week by the Austin City Council to improve safety for all travelers....
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Authored by City of Austin

The City of Austin and Capital Metro's Project Connect recommended transit system plan was unanimously approved by Austin City Council and the Capital Metro Board of Directors on Wednesday, June 10. The approval moves the two-year long community-driven process of imagining what a modern transit system for Austin looks like from a vision-based plan to an action-based plan.

The Locally Preferred...


Summer travel plans on hold for now? If you're looking for a safe way to get out and about, check out these offerings from Movability member Revel.

Starting June 20, Revel has dropped the price of rides by 50% and is waiving the sign-up fee for a limited time.

Revel is now also offering moped tours around Austin! Sign up at here to see Mt. Bonnell...


If you're an employer with a small or growing business, we know traffic congestion, the price of parking, and the stress of commutes impact you and your employees. Even with a break from traffic due to the pandemic, Central Texas' re-opening will eventually mean a return to mobility problems.

That's why Movability has added a new membership category for corporate members aimed at employers with 50 or fewer employees. At $150 annually,...


Austin City Council has added co-managing the Austin B-Cycle system to the projects the City does with Capital Metro, bringing the B-Cycle program a step closer to moving under Capital Metro's umbrella.

Under the proposed partnership, Capital Metro would completely incorporate B-Cycle - to be renamed MetroBike - into its system. The nonprofit that maintains B-Cycle's fleet, Bike Share of Austin, will continue to oversee daily...

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We are thrilled to welcome Leigh Pankonien on to the Movability board!

Leigh is the Digital Marketing Manager for Silicon Labs. In this role, she manages digital programs including advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. She previously co-founded and ran Social Distillery, a local social media agency, for five years before finding the perfect B2B tech client to work for – Silicon Labs.

Leigh has a B.A. in...


Movability recently hosted a five-webinar series on the role mobility will play in re-opening Central Texas. We were thrilled to have guest speakers from myriad sectors, including policy makers, transit providers and employers - and to be able to reveal the results of our telework survey in partnership with Dr. Melinda Villagran of Texas State University.



As Central Texas commuters continued an unprecedented shift in commute patterns this spring, Movability and Texas State University partnered on a regional telework survey, the first of its kind in the region. The results show that many employees felt just as or more productive in a remote work setting, and those who had previously had long commutes reported better physical and mental health while teleworking....


The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) has developed the following recommendations to inform employers, commuters, and communities on how we can all get back to the workplace safely and efficiently. Prepared by a task force of transportation demand management (TDM) professionals representing service providers, employers, and government agencies, this handbook provides tips for managing many of the most common commute options during...


It’s safe to say there’s one thing on almost everyone’s mind right now: when our economy can re-open. While there’s still no clear answer to what that re-opening will look like, what is clear is that even as we get back to work the business landscape will be much altered.

With that in mind, managers can begin shifting their current telework arrangement into a longer-term policy that helps their business move forward.

Why consider...

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If you follow Movability, you know that we're fond of data.

So naturally, we wanted to put data to work to help us make lemons out of lemonade when it comes to Covid-19 and telework.

Many businesses that had no plans or policies in place to support teleworking have been suddenly put in the position of managing a remote work force. We know that's hard, which is why we've been offering...


If your organization is trying to keep up with a new remote work way of doing business, Movability would like to offer help in the form of telework resources. On this page you’ll find articles about topics from troubleshooting home tech issues and data security in a home office to balancing work with children at home; one-pagers that take a deep dive into how to use virtual meeting platforms, what information to provide on a company page, and...


We are thrilled to welcome Jenell Moffett onto Movability’s Board of Directors!

Jenell leads economic, demographic, geographic, and market research and analysis efforts to support the Downtown Alliance's strategic priorities.

She sets the annual research agenda and directs multiple research projects that support economic development, planning, and advocacy efforts. She serves as the staff lead for the Research Task Force and is...


Guest article by Movability member Brain+Trust Partners

Brain+Trust Partners knows that many companies have urgent needs to lower expenses, alongside opportunities to leverage insights and improve customer experiences in the "new normal" of remote business. Amid the uncertainty for all of business, we are narrowing our services and lowering our...


Guest article by Movability member Revel

On March 16 with the stroke of a pen and an accompanying tweet, Austin Mayor Steve Adler set forth a Stay Home–Work Safe Order that abruptly restricted the city’s business operations and mobility to essential functions only.

This order, along with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines and statewide directives from Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office, has set in motion a...


Traffic is light right now since most of us aren’t going anywhere, but there is some ongoing roadwork to be aware of for those commuting now or planning ahead for future commutes.

If going back to gridlock doesn’t sound appealing, now is a great time to plan ahead and find better options. Returning workers and roadwork will again clog our roadways if a majority of commuters continue to drive alone. Employers can use this time to plan...


Several of Movability's Partner members are going above and beyond to help the Central Texas community, and we want to sing their praises!

Capital Metro is an essential service, and is still operating - although the agency is urging people to use transit only when necessary, and has modified its level of service to reflect a smaller ridership. To more safely serve those who rely on and work in...


Here's a recap of some of the information Movability has shared this week around remote work.

1. Tackling Technology in a Home Office: While working from home can feel like a luxury in some ways, it can also bring up new frustrations when you don't have resources at your fingertips - like IT support.



If you haven't already started compiling your company's policies and guidance around remote work in one location for employees to reference, think about providing a one-stop shop for such information.

Here are some links and resources you can include on a company telework page:

1. Your company's telework policy. Whether you had one in place already, are in the process of developing one, or are altering an existing policy...


Before Covid-19 hit, keeping private, secure data safe likely meant that employees handling that data did so from within an office that has protections in place. Since that's no longer a choice for many businesses, it's time to put a plan in place to keep sensitive information secure. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

1. VPNs: Whether the data your employees are handling is personal health information (PHI) that...


There's nothing like working remotely to challenge entire sets of assumptions. For many people in the workforce, it's the time spent in the office or at meetings that's the primary metric for productivity - but with a remote work setup, it's impossible for managers to know when employees are at a desk or on calls.

Furthermore, many employees won't have the latitude to spend an unbroken eight-plus hours at work right now, as some may be...


While working from home can feel like a luxury in some ways, it can also bring up new frustrations when you don't have resources at your fingertips - like IT support.

Some of the most common challenges teleworking employees run into are those involving technology, and that's true now more than ever due to the sheer number of people accessing online tools.

Here's a look at some of the tech hurdles teleworking employees run into,...


Another week is drawing to a close, and some of us are beginning to feel like maybe we're getting our sea legs. If you're not there yet, that's OK - give yourself grace as we all move together into an unprecedented (at least in modern times) experience.

Here's a recap of some of the information Movability has shared this week around remote work.



If you're one of the many employers whose employees have found themselves suddenly working from home lately - perhaps along with a partner and children - you may not have given much thought to a home office setup. It's time to change that.

Whether it's for a few more weeks or months, it behooves employers to develop ideas and guidelines around a workspace that supports employee health and productivity. That's especially true if your...


Let's talk about the elephant in the room (or more accurately, the child in the home office).

You've communicated with your team about how to move forward with the work you're doing; you've set up the technology to enable virtual meetings and document sharing; you've given your employees the resources they need to complete their work.

But many of your employees have an entirely new set of responsibilities at home: a school-age...


Working remotely can ease a lot of stress for employees, from erasing commute woes to providing a comfortable and familiar workspace. But for those who are suddenly embarking on a telework experiment - as many of us are right now - it can also be a jarring transition.

Mental and emotional health is an important part of productivity, and managers should consider ways to support employees who are working remotely, whether it's a...

telework webinar.png

Is your business ready to implement remote work in a time of crisis? If the answer is "I don't know" watch this webinar presented by Movability and Point B.

We'll go over what you need to address both immediately and longer-term to ensure your transition to remote work doesn't mean lost productivity.

Do you have specific questions, insights, or concerns about remote work that you'd like Movability to address in our Remote Work...


If you've created a remote work environment on the fly this week, give yourself a pat on the back and take a breather! Then, it's time to think about getting your next steps in place.

Not knowing how long quarantines, social distancing, and shelter in place routines will be in place is challenging, but it also means you have an opportunity to examine what's been working, what hasn't, and how the new remote work dynamic can help you...


Some employers may already have had robust remote work policies in place before COVID-19 hit. Those who didn't are not only establishing new ways to communicate and delegate, they're having to create a new work culture.

While technology and communication are the first pieces to put into place when establishing a new remote work policy and plan, workplace culture shouldn't be ignored if you want employees to continue feeling connected...


One of the most important aspects of remote work is communication. Well-established lines of communications and clear expectations are key to moving projects along and keeping employees connected to their colleagues and their work.

1. Who reports to whom? This might seem obvious, but it needs to be clear to all employees. Forms of communication that are easy to take for granted like desk drop-bys and impromptu...


While remote work is growing in popularity as a mobility option and productivity tool, many employers might not have remote work infrastructure in place.

If you're among those employers and are suddenly trying to navigate a remote work setup, there are some basic FAQs you might want to know to help make the coming weeks as productive as possible.

First of all, what exactly is remote work? You've probably also heard it called...


With a quickly-changing work and home landscape due to COVID-19, many employers are suddenly finding themselves in the position of asking their employees to work remotely.

Remote work can be a fantastic way to keep momentum going on projects, help employees stay productive, and ensure continuous operations. But it's not as easy as handing everyone a laptop and assuming they'll be able to continue work as usual.

Successful remote...


With the cancelation of SXSW, many businesses are wondering what street closures will remain and what streets will be open during the week of Spring Break (March 16-20). The following is a list of updated street closures from the City's transportation department. To learn more, visit the City's events website.

Even though the SXSW festival has been cancelled, events and shows will still be...


Movability recently launched NPO Go!, an initiative to help nonprofits by providing them the same customized mobility planning that businesses enjoy, at no cost to them.

This year we participated in Amplify Austin through our fiscal sponsor for NPO Go!, Austin Community Foundation. We raised over $11,000 thanks to the generosity of individuals and employers all over Central Texas.

To all those who came to our happy hour on March 5...


Movability has moved - but not far! We are now located at 501 Congress Ave., Suite 150. Please make note of our new address and contact information.


Come enjoy happy hour fun on March 5 and help us celebrate NPO Go, an initiative from Movability that will help nonprofit organizations focus on doing good work, not on getting to work.



Ready or not, SXSW starts on March 13 and thousands of people will be here to soak up everything the festival has to offer. That means networking and educational opportunities, festival fun – and traffic.

SXSW is an excellent time to try out mobility options so you don’t end up sitting in heavier-than usual traffic. You might end up finding new commute options you never knew existed!

Capital Metro is one of the most efficient...


As part of a pilot in partnership with Capital Metro and the City of Austin, Austin B-Cycle will put 200 e-bikes on the road this year during SXSW.

B-Cycle plans to eventually convert its entire Austin fleet to e-bikes and phase out the current bikes. The first e-bikes will roll out during SXSW along with new docking stations that are more flexible, allowing for the shape and number of docks to be arranged in a way best suited to each...


Join the Downtown Alliance on Feb. 28 to hear preliminary recommendations for the future of I-35 from a national panel of experts coming to Austin to study the corridor.

As TxDOT advances plans to reconstruct and lower I-35 through central Austin, the Downtown Austin Alliance is convening the community to develop a vision and strategy to simultaneously enhance and connect our city along I-35.

To begin this process, we have...


It's with a mix of pride and sadness that Movability will be saying goodbye to Alix Scarborough, Director of Membership and Professional Services, at the end of this month.

Alix has been working with Movability members for more than five years, and we think it's fair to say that much of the growth of our organization and the growth in adoption of mobility options in Central Texas is due to her hard work.

She will be continuing...


As Austin Transportation continues to make progress on the City's...

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We’re thrilled to have Anton Cox on board at Movability! He is Movability’s Special Projects Manager, and will be overseeing several new initiatives Movability has in the works – stay tuned here for more details as they emerge.

Anton is an environmental and Central Texas mobility expert; he came to Movability from the Capital Area Council of Governments, where he managed the Air Quality Outreach Program and Commute Solutions, the...


Parking may seem like a small piece of the transportation equation, but it plays a pivotal role in mobility planning. As part of Movability’s move to a new office, Executive Director Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel is giving up her parking spot. Movability’s employees all receive a monthly transportation stipend to use for the transportation mode of their choice; Lisa Kay had been applying that toward a parking space, but is making a switch with the...


Thank you to everyone who joined us for a fun-filled, information-packed Mayor’s Mobility Breakfast and Award Ceremony!

We heard from San Francisco-based Genentech’s Lauren Bennett about how to build large-scale, successful commute programs that benefit multiple employers, learned the preliminary results of the Texas State University and Movability Commuter Research beta study from Texas State’s Dr. Melinda Villagran, and along with...

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Join Movability for an update on Project Connect, Capital Metro's plan to improve and expand transit in the region. Recommended features include adding new light rail, commuter rail, neighborhood circulators and MetroRapid lines across the city. Find out where the agency proposes adding congestion-free “transitways,” a downtown tunnel, and how the city of Austin is planning to fund it. Learn what the proposed changes could mean for your...


Let’s Go News readers know that Movability recently launched NPO Go!, an initiative with the goal of providing 501(c)3 organizations with the same customized mobility planning we provide to corporations, but at a fraction of the cost.

Over the past six months, Movability has received requests from five local nonprofit organizations that together employ approximately 400 people. These nonprofits reached out because - like corporations...


Data! Networking! Compelling speakers! Great food! You’ll get to experience all these things before most people start their day when you come to the Movability’s Annual Mayor’s Mobility Breakfast and Award Ceremony on Feb. 5.

There are fewer than 20 tickets left - be sure to get yours before the event is sold out.

kelli-mcclintock-GopRYASfsOc-unsplash (1).jpg

Many of Movability’s members join or add to their services when they are moving to a new office space. A move is, after all, a natural time to consider mobility policies and how those play a role in your company’s culture, benefits, and costs.


Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.09.21 AM.png

Last Tuesday, Capital Metro’s Board of Directors met with the Austin City Council to discuss Project Connect, Capital Metro’s plan for a modern transit system. During this meeting, the group discussed federal investment options, Capital Metro's investment options, and potential scenarios for the development of Project Connect.

A main takeaway was that 40% of the funds could potentially come from federal investment, specifically in the...


The end of the year is often touted as the season of giving, but there’s no reason why the nonprofit organizations you love can’t be supported year-round.

In November 2019, Movability started NPO Go! with the goal of providing 501(c)3 organizations with the same customized mobility planning we provide to corporations, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now it’s time to bring...

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 8.33.46 AM.png

The new year means a new chance for employers within the Austin city limits to participate in the Mobility Challenge.

The Mobility Challenge is funded by the City of Austin and implemented by Movability. With two phases, it’s the perfect opportunity for employers at all stages of mobility planning to get customized help making the best...


For the past few years Movability has been fortunate enough to work very closely with the Downtown Austin Alliance. The Downtown Alliance has held Movability’s management contract since 2016 when Movability was going through a transition in leadership and mission. As part of that agreement, Movability also shared office space with the Downtown Alliance team.

As 2019 came to a close, it became...


Movability, Central Texas’ only transportation management association, is hiring! We are seeking a full-time, grant-funded special projects manager. This newly created position will be responsible for developing and implementing projects that will expand our reach into the community by working on the demand-side of the traffic congestion problem, helping commuters shift to sustainable modes like bus, bike, carpool, telework, and more....


As Movability’s services, membership, and staff grows, so too must our membership rates for the first time in our organization’s history. Corporate membership and Visionary membership rates will increase by 20% starting in 2020.

If you’re a current Movability member whose renewal is coming up in January, you have a chance to renew now at the current rates! And if you’ve been thinking about joining, it’s not too late to join in 2019....

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 1.07.32 PM.png

Movability’s biggest event of the year is coming up, and you won’t want to miss it! Join Movability and Mayor Steve Adler on Feb. 5, 2020 at Hotel Ella to congratulate the Central Texas employers who have earned the 2020 Best Workplaces for Commuters designation.

This year’s event will also feature keynote speaker Lauren Bennett, who will talk about what savvy West Coast employers are doing to keep their employees moving – and how...


Looking for gift ideas for the commuter in your life? Here are some recommendations from Movability.

  • The top of our list is of course a donation to NPO Go!, which gives charitable nonprofits and their employees access to mobility planning. That means they can focus on the important work they do, and it also means less traffic for everyone!...

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.24.58 PM.png

Whether you’re a brand-new member or you’ve been part of the Movability family for years, we want to make sure our members know about all the great tools and benefits that come with Movability membership.

If you missed our most recent webinar, Making the Most of Your Movability Membership, you can now...


Movability has launched a LinkedIn page to better communicate with and reach the Central Texas business community. Find us there, follow us, and share if you like what you see!

We will also be rolling out member-only groups on our LinkedIn page later this year to give Movability members exclusive networking,...


Movability has just launched a ground-breaking project in partnership with Texas State University that we think will open the door to a new era in mobility planning.

Together with the Translational Research Initiative at Texas State University, we are conducting a research study that considers how individuals utilize various transportation systems during their daily commutes to their workplace. The goal of this research is to begin to...

Webinar Tweet without description.png

Plan to join us for this webinar on Dec. 10 from 12:00 to 1:00 to learn all about what’s available to you and how to best benefit from our services and events.

Whether you’re a brand-new member or you’ve been part of the Movability family for years, we want to make sure our members know about all the great tools and benefits that come with Movability membership.



Movability member University of Texas at Austin’s Parking and Transportation Services does a lot to give students, staff, and faculty at UT a way to connect with mobility options and help keep the single-occupancy vehicle numbers down.

Some highlights include:

  • Collaborating with Capital Metro to provide UT shuttles and free transit access for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Robust...


Movability is excited to be partnering with Texas State University on a ground-breaking project that we think will open the door to a new era in mobility planning.

Together with the Translational Research Initiative at Texas State University, we are conducting a research study that considers how individuals utilize various transportation systems during their daily commutes to their workplace. The goal of this research is to begin to...


We are proud to be launching a new service for 501 (c)3 organizations called NPO Go. NPO Go will bring Movability’s services at little to no cost to Central Texas nonprofit organizations, which face the same parking challenges as other employers, but often with a much tighter budget.

While NPO Go services will be customized for each organization as funds allow, services could include a survey of each nonprofit’s employees to understand...


Movability’s members are employers and providers who are committed to improving the mobility landscape in Central Texas and helping shift the culture from moving cars to moving people. In the process, they are saving money on parking costs, reducing stress for their employees, and taking time back from traffic.

Welcome to our newest members:


Webinar Tweet without description.png

Whether you’re a brand-new member or you’ve been part of the Movability family for years, we want to make sure our members know about all the great tools and benefits that come with Movability membership.

Plan to join us for this webinar on Dec. 10 from 12:00 to 1:00 to learn all about what’s available to you and how to best benefit from our services and events.


BWC 2020 Tweet.png

If you’re an Austin employer that offers great commute benefits, let Movability help you gain the acclaim you deserve! Movability has partnered with the City of Austin and Best Workplaces for Commuters to encourage Central Texas employers to apply for this national recognition opportunity.


2020 MC BFAST Save The Date 1.jpg

Please save the date for our 2020 Mayor’s Mobility Breakfast & Award Ceremony on Wednesday, February 5. Join us as we recognize Central Texas’ Best Workplaces for Commuters and hear about best mobility practices from an employer that's used innovative strategies to overcome transportation challenges.



Congratulations to Maxwell Locke & Ritter, which has been named the 2019 “#1 Best Mid-sized Accounting Firm to Work for” by Accounting Today. Each year, the publication works with Best Companies Group to create their Best Accounting Firms to Work for list, identifying 100 firms that have excelled in creating quality workplaces for employees. Maxwell Locke & Ritter has been named to the prestigious list of employers consecutively since...


The weather is dipping below 80 degrees, which means it’s actually pleasant to get in some active transportation – and maybe form new habits! Smart Trips Austin is here to help, with lots of fun events planned.

From Bass Concert Hall to parks and trails, there's something for everyone. Check out what’s coming up!


Movability member TransitScreen maintains a blog that has some great information for employers either beginning to think about mobility policies and benefits or experts who want to keep up with the latest TDM innovations.

Here are some thought-provoking articles we’ve come across lately that we’d recommend reading (maybe while you’re commuting on transit...)



Austin will be saying goodbye to carshare service Car2Go at the end of this month.

In a statement to members, Car2Go wrote:

“While we firmly believe that Austin deserves free-floating carshare, it is a complex transportation market that requires a significant investment on the part of any mobility provider wanting to enter the city and unfortunately, we are unable to continue doing so...

BWC 2020 Tweet.png

If you’re an Austin employer that offers great commute benefits, let Movability help you gain the acclaim you deserve! Movability has partnered with the City of Austin and Best Workplaces for Commuters to encourage Austin-area employers to apply for this national recognition opportunity.

The Best Workplaces for Commuters program gives your...

Movability_Logo_blue star %285%29.jpg

Movability is sadly saying goodbye to Aneka Patel, who was our Mobility Challenge Manager - but we are thrilled that in her new role in transportation mobility at Whole Foods we will still be working with her! Whole Foods is a Movability member, and is dedicated to providing great commuter benefits.

And we are welcoming Kate Harrington on board as Movability’s Outreach and Engagement Manager. Kate is no stranger to Movability, as she...


Good news, ACL Fest attendees: weekend two is promising to have much nicer weather, perfect for walking, taking the bus, riding your bike, or using other options.

There are lots of car-free ways to get to ACL. Even if you're not planning to attend the festival, chances are good you'll be impacted by the traffic from street closures and visitors getting around. This is an excellent opportunity to try out mobility options to bypass both...


Starting on Oct. 14, 2019, the parking meter base rate will change from $1.20 per hour in the downtown core and $1 per hour outside of it to $2 citywide. The new base rate will apply to all City of Austin metered, on-street parking spaces.

The City’s street parking system is designed to promote space turnover, which provides convenient short-term access to places of interest. However, at the current rates, Austin Transportation staff...


The ACL Fest is coming up - this year’s music extravaganza will take place Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 11-13. Whether or not you’re attending, any large music festival in Austin also means large traffic jams if you’re getting around in a private vehicle.

But there’s good news! There are lots of car-free ways to get to ACL. Even if you're not planning to attend the festival, chances are good you'll be...

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 9.36.41 AM.png

Movability just wrapped up another great webinar, Three Modern Commute Tools for Austinites. Presenters from the Austin Transportation Department, Austin Energy, and Commutifi talked about the City’s new GetThereATX website,...


Movability’s Executive Director Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel was one of the more than 100 thought leaders from Central Texas who recently traveled to Minneapolis for the annual Austin Chamber of Commerce Intercity Visit. Delegates from Austin met with key leaders there to discuss how Minneapolis-St. Paul addresses issues similar to what Austin is facing, including public transit and regional connectivity,...


When Bird scooters swooped into Austin a few years ago, the company also made a commitment to contribute to city-wide safe, alternative mobility options. One of the ways they did that was through a partnership with Movability as a member at the Visionary level.

Bird’s membership at that high level has helped Movability grow our services and our member base - and that in turn has...


Austin Transportation has launched GetThereATX.com, a new website that will serve as the ultimate resource for information about sustainable transportation options in Austin.

GetThereATX.com is a one-stop-shop that helps residents, employees, employers and visitors interested in taking more sustainable trips...

Three Modern Commute Tools for Austinites Square_Tweet Post.png

You won’t want to miss this webinar coming up on September 24! With new data, new tools, and new technology emerging all the time in Central Texas, this event will give you an overview of the latest information to help you and your employees connect with better mobility options.

Join presenters from the Austin Transportation Department, Austin Energy, and Commutifi to:

  • Dive into the City's new GetThereATX website,...