How Can TDM Help Your Workplace?

Central Texas’ growth means a lot of opportunities for small businesses, but that growth sometimes comes with real challenges. Traffic congestion – which will increase as regional construction projects break ground - can mean employees and customers alike will have a harder time getting to your business.

That’s where Transportation Demand Management (TDM) can help. TDM involves policies and strategies to connect commuters with more transportation modes, from carpools and vanpools to transit and bicycling. More people using shared and active commute modes means decreased traffic congestion, which benefits everyone – even those who must drive alone.

Here are a few programs Movability offers that might help your business take time back from traffic:

1. GoGrant: This semi-annual grant offers Austin businesses and nonprofits up to $7,500 in funding for infrastructure (like bike racks), programming (such as subsidized vanpools), or customized TDM consultation and planning. The next application period for GoGrant is August 14 to September 4.

2. MovePass: Designed to augment the CapMetro for Business bulk purchasing program, MovePass takes the administrative burden of buying, distributing, and tracking transit passes off your shoulders. Many businesses have discovered that MovePass is a coveted perk that improves their employee retention! "I do not own a car so I would either have to pay out of pocket [for transportation] or find a job closer to me," said a retail employee whose employer is enrolled in the MovePass program. "Having my commute to and from work covered has been a major perk."

3. Mobility Camps: We could tell your employees all about how to use the transit system, but it’s way more fun and effective to show them! Mobility Camps give participants hands-on experience using different transportation modes in a low-stress setting. Let us design a transit, bike or scooter trip for 10 to 40 people as a team building experience for your organization!

4. Best Workplaces for Commuters: If your business is offering commute benefits like subsidized vanpools, transit passes, carpool parking, or secure bike parking we want to help you gain recognition! Movability members who want to make this prestigious annual list get free assistance with the application, a free membership to the Best Workplaces for Commuters program, and recognition in front of the business community at the annual Movability Breakfast.

5. TDM Planning: If you need help determining what commute policies would work best for your business or want to build employee engagement in commute options and you can’t wait for the next GoGrant cycle, Movability offers customized TDM planning year-round. Members receive a 20% discount on these services!

Movability works with employers of all sizes in Central Texas to help them develop and implement TDM plans. Contact us at to learn more about how we can work with your organization.