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Howdy! Welcome to Get There Central Texas

Get There Central Texas is a program that helps you find ride matches and gives you rewards when you log all your trips and commutes, whether you're teleworking, taking the bus, riding a bike, or carpooling with someone you found on the platform!

Get There will help Central Texans find ways to get around that don't add to road congestion or air pollution.

Start logging your trips!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Get There work?

Thanks to myCommute Solutions, a platform powered by RideAmigos, it's easy to log your trips - even your telework counts as a trip! All you do is enter the trips you took and the mode you used (e.g. carpooling, biking, public transit, driving). You'll earn points for each trip you log. Each week people who are actively logging trips are entered in random prize drawings for a $25 gift card. You can also use myCommuteSolutions to find ride matches and track how much money you're saving, how many calories you burn, and how much CO2 you save with different modes.

2. Does it cost anything to use Get There?

Nope! It's totally free to use. If you're an employer interested in becoming a Movability member, you can learn more about the price tiers of membership here.

3. Who runs Get There?

Get There is a program Movability developed with help from the City of Austin, the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG), and RideAmigos. Movability oversees the Get There program, including incentives and data.

4. Do I have to be a Movability member to use Get There?

You don't have to be a member to use Get There, but if you're part of a business or organization that is a Movability member, you'll be eligible for more incentives and prizes on top of the random drawings that all Get There users can win.

5. How do I know my data will be secure?

Get There uses the myCommute Solutions platform, run by RideAmigos. You can read RideAmigos' privacy policy here. While trips logged in Get There Central Texas provide data about how Central Texans travel, all identifying information is kept private. Movability will not have access to, or disclose or share your personal identifying information with any external parties.