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What We Do

As the Central Texas region grows, so too does its traffic congestion. While mobility improvements from the City and new service offerings from Capital Metro all help improve the efficiency of our transportation networks, many employers and their employees still feel the strain that congestion puts on their time, their bottom lines, and their health. Movability works with employers all over Central Texas to help them make connections and learn best practices, and to develop and implement custom mobility plans. That means that employers don’t have to wait for new infrastructure – they can make changes right now that maximize productivity and help boost recruiting and retention rates. And that means the economic engine of Central Texas keeps accelerating.

Our Vision: Leading the culture shift toward stress-free, affordable commute options.

Our Mission: Movability is Central Texas’ transportation management association (TMA) working hand in hand with individuals and organizations to improve the region through commuter options that save time and money.

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What is a TMA?

Movability is a transportation management association (TMA). Around the country, TMAs have proven valuable and effective in coordinating mobility programs and services. We were formed as a collaboration of public and private sector employers, property owners, and other users to improve mobility around Central Texas.

A TMA, or transportation management association, is an organization that coordinates mobility programs and services for its members. Movability is just one of many TMAs around the country. TMAs can vary in mission, size, and structure, but almost all have in common the mission of providing a framework for TDM programs and services.

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Why do we need a TMA?

Transportation is a complex issue influenced by decisions we all make. No single government agency, service provider, or private-sector interest can create real improvement in mobility while working alone.

While many public and private entities in Austin have developed good ideas for making travel easier, those ideas will be more effective if they’re part of a coordinated strategy that is implemented on a daily basis. Movability has been created to help fill that need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Movability do?

Movability is a transportation management association (TMA) that works with a variety of employers around Central Texas to help them develop customized mobility policies, learn more about mobility options, network with service providers and other employers to learn best commuting practices, and implement existing mobility policies and plans.

2. What is TDM?

TDM stands for transportation demand management. TDM is a way of using existing infrastructure to travel in a way that reduces congestion – it simply means redistributing the demand for transportation networks in space and time. That can mean shifting a certain number of commuters away from driving alone during peak rush hours by a number of means, from telework or flex hours to transit, biking, or carpooling. Because it doesn’t require building new infrastructure, it’s a cost-effective way to make an immediate change in traffic congestion and the impacts congestion has on individual commuters.

3. What does it cost to join Movability?

Movability works with employers and providers of all types and sizes, from local organizations with a few employees to multi-national corporations that have thousands of employees in Central Texas. Membership prices are based on the number of employees a member has in Central Texas, and range from $75 for an individual member to $1,800 for large organizations.

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4. What services does Movability provide?

Movability can provide networking opportunities, discounts to educational or roundtable events, access to our online Mobility Toolkit, consultation and custom mobility services, and name recognition.

5. Who are Movability’s members?

Our members range from local Austin employers with a small footprint to multi-national corporations with thousands of employees in the Central Texas area. Some of our members have one location and some have dozens around the metro area. They span Central Texas, and are all looking for ways to become corporate and environmental leaders, use resources wisely, and improve employee satisfaction by implementing TDM strategies.

6. How do I get started?

You can read more about our membership here. If you’re ready to join, contact Kate Harrington for more information about what level of membership is right for you, and how to get started as a member.

7. How do I get my company involved?

Fill out this form to have us contact your employer to let them know employees are interested in a more robust mobility program.

8. How can Movability help my business or organization save money?

From high costs for parking spaces and lost employee time in traffic to higher health costs for stressed and sedentary commuters, drive-alone commuting takes a financial toll on employers. Putting a mobility policy in place can help save money that would have otherwise gone to real estate and facilities costs or would be lost to traffic congestion. Connecting employees with mobility options can also improve retention rates, which saves money that might otherwise be spent on turnover and recruitment.

9. How does Movability membership help with recruiting and retention?

Drive-alone commutes during peak rush hours have consistently been linked with higher stress and worse health outcomes. Robust mobility programs reduce stress and save time, and that translates to happier employees! At the same time many up-and-coming employees, particularly millennials, are looking for jobs that offer the kinds of options that let them have healthier and more balanced lives. Whether it’s a telework policy, access to bike facilities, discount transit passes, or a combination of options, employers that offer options are finding that those mobility choices can lead to more engaged, productive, and happy employees. Let us work with you to create a customized mobility plan that fits best with your workplace culture, employee needs, and long term goals.

Become A Movability Member

Movability helps its members take back their time from traffic and boost their business. Movability works with each member at the level that works best for them. Depending on your membership level, we can help you develop and implement custom mobility plans, connect you with service providers and other employers implementing mobility solutions, and offer you discounted and VIP access to our educational and networking events.

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