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Welcome To Movability

Movability is Central Texas’ first and only transportation management association. We are solely dedicated to working hand in hand with employers to improve the regions’ economic vitality by connecting commuters with mobility options that save time and money.

Movability’s members are employers from public and private sectors, and hail from all over the larger Austin region. We work closely with members to create mobility plans that in turn let them connect their employees with a wide range of mobility options.

Our members leverage mobility programs to reach their business goals, including attracting and retaining top talent, reducing facilities costs, and leading in corporate stewardship. Members also benefit from exclusive events, networking, and educational opportunities.

The Mobility Challenge

Enrollment for the 2020 Mobility Challenge is under way! There are a limited number of spots for this opportunity to get customized, detailed mobility planning for your company at no cost beyond membership. Contact Kate Harrington to learn more and sign up for the Mobility Challenge.

Whether it's reducing costs associated with parking spaces or improving recruiting and retention efforts, employers in Central Texas have lots of reasons to help their employees take time back from traffic. Watch the video to the left to see what some Mobility Challenge participants have to say about what the initiative has done for them. Learn more about the Mobility Challenge.

Introducing NPO Go

We are proud to be launching a new service for 501 (c)3 organizations called NPO Go! NPO Go! will bring Movability’s services at little to no cost to Central Texas nonprofit organizations, which face the same parking challenges as other employers, but often with a much tighter budget.

Learn more about NPO Go! and donate here

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Driving alone during peak commute times hurts employers’ bottom lines, employee health, and our region’s economy. Movability helps its members take back their time from traffic and boost their business.

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Liz and her husband both work for Movability member Amplify Credit Union, and since they work in the same office they have opted to carpool to work. Their employer helps make that choice an attractive one by offering premium parking spaces for carpoolers and reward points that they can use for gift cards.

2019 WeDriveU StuffTheBus Austin2.jpg

Movability member WeDriveU is spreading cheer in Austin and other U.S. regions as part of its annual #StuffTheBus toy drive in collaboration with clients and partners including Movability. Look for their sleigh gathering donations to benefit local children served by Operation Blue Santa. Find more details here.


Rebecca commutes from Round Rock to her job in downtown Austin by Capital Metro Express Bus 980, driving to a park and ride in Round Rock and traveling to 6th and Lavaca.

"I like my commute because it actually does shorten the time since the bus takes the express lane. That lane gets up to $9-$10 a day each way since I’m commuting at peak times so taking the bus also saves me money. I also love not having to park downtown. It’s just a hassle.

"I honestly think that taking the bus is better for my mental health. Driving can just be frustrating. Even though it still takes an hour to get home, I’m not actively driving for 45 of those minutes and I can take that time to relax and just breathe after a long day at work. Since I get 45 minutes to not do anything during the commute, I can come home and be productive (cleaning, working out, etc.) since I had that break on the bus. And I’m just happier when I get home since I haven’t been fighting traffic for the past hour."

Visionary Members



"Movability is one of the top five most effective TMAs in the country. It partners with Austin’s employers to allow them to create jobs without strangling the region in traffic congestion. Movability helps employers attract and retain young talent. They make more effective use of the region’s infrastructure, by filling empty seats on cars, buses, and trains. They are the perfect example of private industry collaborating with government to support the public good and a stronger economy."

- Jeff Tumlin, Director of Strategy at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates

"Movability is breaking down silo walls brick by brick, connecting people who might never have thought to be introduced, much less work together. Because Movability shares our vision and had confidence in us, we now have two innovative mobility projects in the works that can become high-impact models for Central Texas. We will get nowhere on the mobility crisis if we all just 'stay in our lane.' Whether it is economic development, health, carbon emissions, transportation, affordability, safety, land use, or sustainability, all are part of solving the mobility crisis. Movability is working to connect these for greater impact and innovation. In my view, this is what Movability does best."

-Susan Engelking, Executive Director, Institute for Community MicroMobility