On-Demand Ride Options Expand in Austin

CapMetro’s Pickup, an on-demand shuttle service, has expanded to the Dove Springs neighborhood in Southeast Austin. Pickup provides customers with affordable, convenient access to schools, grocery stores, doctors offices and other locations within its services zones - and also provides connections into the wider CapMetro transit system.

Pickup is an on-demand neighborhood rideshare that can move you anywhere within the limited service zones. Using the Pickup app allows you to request a ride that should be about 15 minutes away. The costs for Pickup are the same as local and MetroRapid bus rides - $1.25 for adults and free for kids under 18.

As part of Project Connect, Pickup has expanded to four new zones since 2021, including Dove Springs, and now serves a total of eight areas in Austin: East Austin, Exposition, Northeast Austin, Walnut Creek, Dessau, South Menchaca, North Oak Hill, and Dove Springs. The service also operates in three zones in the cities of Manor, Lago Vista and Leander.

Learn more about Pickup’s service zones here and see a video tutorial about how to use Pickup here.