13. What is the definition of an infrastructure project?

These are projects where funding is spent on materials/goods that make active and micro-mobility more convenient for employees or customers. The outcome of the project needs to be a useful and permanent structure, fixture, or improvement. Examples of potential infrastructure projects include but are not limited to:

· Bikes

· Bike racks or lockers

· Bike loan program

· Repair station

· Designated parking for micro-mobility options

· Bike Stair Ramp (Runnels)

· Covered parking for bikes

· Bicycle oriented vending machines

· Shade structures for waiting for transit or ride hailing

· Water bottle filling station

· Skateboard rack

All projects with a physical component must include a provision for a small sign referencing Movability and GoGrant. All infrastructure projects must be compliant with city code and ordinances, and proper municipal permitting shall be followed.

Types of infrastructure projects that will not be considered:

· Beautification projects

· Construction projects that are not directly related to active or micro-mobility (placemaking, landscaping, lighting, security cameras)