Texas Mutual Commuter Benefits

Texas Mutual

Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Company knows that traffic in Austin impacts more than just our time – it’s also a quality of life and work issue.

The company took on the Mobility Challenge in 2016 because it saw addressing mobility as a way to attract and retain top workers. Jeremiah Bentley, Senior Manager for Marketing and Community Affairs with Texas Mutual, says the nature of the business allows the company to provide flexibility for its employee base.

“We believe that our mobility program will allow us to recruit and retain high level talent. Daily commuting challenges can be frustrating for our employees and lead to reduced job satisfaction and productivity,” Bentley says. “By allowing employees to participate in a variety of mobility options during the week, employees will have greater overall job satisfaction and will be motivated to stay with Texas Mutual for the long term. Our mobility program is another tool we have to recruit employees looking for a great place to work. Such programs will become more and more important for employers as newer labor market participants are seeking employment in places where they have flexibility and where they can make a difference.”

As a participant in the Mobility Challenge class of 2016, Texas Mutual worked with Movability and the Thrival Company on developing a customized mobility plan for its employees.

Bentley says in addition to helping its employees, Texas Mutual hopes to be a business leader and serve as a model for other employers who might be considering increased flexibility in their own mobility programs.

Are you an employer that is interested in benefiting your business, the community, and your employees by creating policies to support alternative commutes? Contact Kate Harrington to learn more about participating in the Mobility Challenge.