Kimberli Coleman

Commutes: MetroRail, telework, flex time

Kimberli is originally from Dallas, Texas and moved to Austin in the summer of 2021. She has more than a decade of experience in the non-profit sector helping organizations achieve their missions to better their communities through affordability initiatives, providing access to resources to groups and individuals in need, and creating networking spaces for similar organizations to join the movement of change. She has an extensive background in creating models and various programs to bridge the gaps between those in need and those in positions to make positive changes. Since living and working in Austin, she has learned that there are two major needs that the average Austinite has: access and affordability. Everyone needs a home they can afford, a job they can get to, and access to modes of transportation that are flexible, safe, and good for the environment. Prior to joining the team at Movability, she worked as a Member Services Coordinator, providing college students in the West Campus area with affordable housing.

Her hope in her role is to educate and connect individuals and businesses with "smarter" ways to bridge the gap between accessibility and affordability in the big city.

In her free time, Kimberli loves to read, travel, cook new recipes, and try new restaurants.