Heather Bishop

Raised in Austin, Heather is an active member of the business, arts, and volunteer community. Her career spans finance, civil and environmental engineering, health science, and education. She maintains a strong enthusiasm and curiosity about the world and our ability to foster positive change over time. Her current focus includes Placemaking, Mobility Hubs, and Pilot Programs for Austin Transportation & Public Works.

Heather is a longtime Texas musician and writer who has performed and recorded with local, regional, national and international acts often pseudonymously. She has appeared in stage and television productions and is the author/co-author of various short films, plays, essays, and books, similarly pseudonymously. Her music has been used in literature courses in several universities. She consults in music, film, and theatre with a focus on festival development.

In addition to overseeing a reorganization of the Austin Smart City Alliance (ASCA) and serving as Managing Director, Heather serves on the Board of Directors for ScriptWorks, a playwright-driven service organization and a theatrical production company that exists to support dramatic writers by providing opportunities at all stages in the writing process — from inception through production.

With a research background in areas such as behavioral neuroscience and biochemistry, Heather also serves as a longtime volunteer for the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival. She supports organizations in the areas of STEM education, veterans affairs, and the disabled community.