The Mobility Challenge moves Austin in a better direction.

With population and employment in Central Texas growing, traffic congestion has become a major problem that threatens the economy, health, and wellbeing of the region. The transportation system cannot handle all the people who are traveling at the same times and in the same directions, especially when most of those trips are in single-occupancy vehicles – there simply isn’t enough space on our roads. The Mobility Challenge is an invitation to employers to help change the math by encouraging better use of our existing infrastructure and mobility solutions.

  • The Mobility Challenge benefits everyone:
  • It helps businesses boost their recruitment and retention while also helping them reduce the costs of lost time in traffic and parking.
  • It helps employees take back their time and reduce the physical and mental stressors of drive-alone commutes.
  • It allows the public sector to shift millions of dollars each year from infrastructure to other services.

Employers play a significant leadership role in helping Central Texas find solutions to traffic. They set work hours, allow flexibility around when and where work is performed, and their facilities’ operations promote some commute options over others. As employers of all sizes accept the Mobility Challenge and implement mobility solutions more strategically, everyone wins.

What is the mobility challenge

In order to improve mobility and keep Austin a great place to live and work, the City of Austin has teamed up with mobility experts at Movability to provide employers with the tools, training, and consulting support to build and grow mobility programs that will get more of their employees out of traffic. Employers will pledge to promote mobility options because doing so will make their businesses stronger, reduce costs, and support growth. Employees will choose mobility options – cycling, flex schedules, ridesharing, transit, telework, and more – because they can save money, save time, or just to get away from the daily hassles of traffic. Join us today by accepting the Mobility Challenge and make the pledge to make a difference!

About the Mobility Challenge

Movability, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Capital Metro, the City of Austin, and The Thrival Company formed the Mobility Challenge in 2014. The initiative grew out of research the Austin Chamber commissioned in 2013 that concluded:

  • Traffic will be 78% worse in coming decades, even if regional authorities build every road project in their budgets.
  • Getting more people to use mobility options is the only way to keep traffic from strangling growth and affordability.

While the public sector plays a key role in addressing transportation problems, from building new roads to adding new transit capacity, employers can make an immediate change in traffic in a faster and more cost-effective way by helping employees use existing infrastructure in better ways – not driving alone at peak hours. Commuting is the largest part of rush hour traffic and employers’ policies and practices can be either a barrier or a benefit for commuters choosing to avoid the frustrations of “driving alone” to work during peak traffic.

Central Texas employers that have already joined the challenge:

2019 Participants

  • Certain Affinity
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • Google
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife
  • Texas Water Development Board
  • Amplify Credit Union
  • Dell
  • Flextronics
  • Samsung
  • Silicon Labs
  • SXSW
  • Texas Facilities Commission
  • Texas Gas Service
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Whole Foods

Past Participants

  • 3M
    • Applied Materials
      • Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce
        • Flex LTD
          • Four Seasons Hotel Austin
            • General Motors
              • Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce
                • Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce
                  • Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
                    • Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
                      • IBM
                        • Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel
                          • Kasasa
                            • SXSW
                              • Texas Facilities Commission
                                • Texas Medical Association
                                  • Texas State Preservation Board
                                    • Tokyo Electron
                                      • Whole Foods Market
                                      • Accruent
                                      • Advanced Micro Devices
                                      • AECOM
                                      • American Bank of Commerce
                                      • Amplify Credit Union
                                      • Austin American Statesman
                                      • Austin Community College
                                      • Austin Independent School District
                                      • Avison Young
                                      • BazaarVoice
                                      • Box
                                      • Capital Metro
                                      • CBRE
                                      • City of Austin
                                      • Concordia University
                                      • Cushman Wakefield
                                      • Dell
                                      • Eanes Independent School District
                                      • Endeavor
                                      • Facebook
                                      • Goodwill
                                      • Hanger
                                      • Hilton Austin
                                      • HNTB
                                      • Holtzman Partners
                                      • HomeAway
                                      • Jackson Walker
                                      • K. Friese and Associates
                                      • Lonestar Circle of Care
                                      • Maxwell Locke and Ritter
                                      • McGarrah Jessee
                                      • NetSpend
                                      • NFP Corp.
                                      • NXP Semiconductor
                                      • Outbound Engine
                                      • Samsung
                                      • Seton Healthcare Family
                                      • Silicon Labs
                                      • St. David’s HealthCare
                                      • St. Edward’s University
                                      • Texas Department of Transportation
                                      • Texas Department of Insurance
                                      • Texas Gass Service
                                      • Texas Mutual Insurance
                                      • Travis County
                                      • University Federal Credit Union
                                      • University of Texas
                                      • WP Engine
                                      • YMCA of Austin

                                      Mobility Challenge FAQs

                                      How Will the Mobility Challenge Help Solve Traffic Issues? +

                                      We know from the Austin Chamber of Commerce research with the Texas Transportation Institute that building more roads and infrastructure alone will not solve the traffic problems we have now, much less the congestion that is coming. We need to reduce “drive alone” travel, particularly during rush hours where work commutes are the biggest portion of the traffic. If just 20% of commuters shift their travel mode away from single-occupancy vehicles driven at peak travel times, there will be a noticeable decrease in congestion.

                                      What Kind of Support Will My Workplace Get as Part of the Mobility Challenge? +

                                      Movability inventories each participating employer about existing transportation amenities; develops an employee commute survey; collects anonymous employee addresses to plot on a map for potential ridesharing; schedules three 1.5-hour meetings to review survey data and determine future action; and compiles the results into a three-year plan. Movability also assists each company’s mobility team providing additional support such as presenting the final plan to upper management, guidance on next steps, and providing Challenge participants who become Movability members professional services to implement their plan.

                                      What Kind of Commitment Does the Mobility Challenge Require From Employers? +

                                      A Movability plan for a Mobility Challenge company varies depending on the employer’s challenges, workforce, and needs. However, the life cycle of our work with pledge companies looks like this: When Movability works with a company joining the Mobility Challenge, the employer first signs a form pledging to:

                                      • Administer a survey to determine how employees currently commute, what would motivate them to try commute options, what options they might be interested in, etc.

                                      • Develop a mobility plan that outlines a three to five–year strategy to expand commute.

                                      Are There Networking and Promotional Benefits? +

                                      Yes! Our communications team will make sure you get promotions and have a chance to share your successes with the world, or at least Central Texas. Many Mobility Challenge participants also opt to become Movability members, which gives them access to networking events at which they can connect with other employers and service providers.

                                      What is the Cost of Participating in the Mobility Challenge? +

                                      It’s absolutely free to participating employers, thanks to support from the City of Austin.

                                      Does a Workplace Have to be in downtown Austin to Take the Mobility Challenge? +

                                      No! The Mobility Challenge is for employers all over the Central Texas region, whether they have one location or several.

                                      What Happens After our Time in the Mobility Challenge is Over? +

                                      Some employers are ready to take the plan developed during the Mobility Challenge and run it on their own, and some want more help implementing and growing the plan. Many employers choose to join Movability so they can continue to develop their mobility and commute policies as the region and their workforce grow and change.

                                      Who Pays Movability for this Service? +

                                      The City of Austin funds the Mobility Challenge.

                                      Do Other Communities and Cities Have Similar Programs? +

                                      While there are Transportation Management Associations in many other cities, we have yet to come across anyone who offers this unique combination of support, services, and networking to employers for free.

                                      Mobility Challenge interest form

                                      Interested in learning more about the Mobility Challenge? Please fill out this form and Aneka Patel, Mobility Challenge Program Manager, will be in touch shortly.