Local Resources for Employees

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Austin Workplace Commuter Incentives and Benefits
  • Austin B Cycle is a bike-sharing program for quick trips around central Austin, with hundreds of bikes and more than 60 stations.
  • Contact: GP Selvaggio
  • Last Mile Solution
  • Midday Trips
Austin, Texas Smart Commute Incentives
  • Bird offers dockless electric scooters throughout Austin.
  • Contact: hello@bird.co
  • Last Mile Solution
  • Midday Trips
Austin Texas Transportation Planning Organization
Austin, Texas Public Transit Solutions
  • Capital Metro is the region’s public transportation service provider, offering transit and a suite of employer services.
  • Contact: Greg Buford for Metro Works discount pass purchases.
  • Cherry Mendoza for Metro Rideshare vanpooling.
  • Lonny Stern for Try Transit educations and hands-on events.
  • Home to Work Commute
  • Education & Engagement
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
Austin Car Sharing and Commuter Programs
  • Car2Go is a one-way carsharing service, with free-floating cars throughout Central Austin.
  • Contact: Nick Vetsch
  • Last Mile Solution
  • Midday Trip
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Carma Technology Corporation is a leader in technology for encouraging, rewarding and verifying high-occupancy commuting. Carma has been a trusted partner of government and commercial organizations in fighting traffic congestion and reducing carbon emissions by reducing commuters’ reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.

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The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the driving force behind preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Central Texas as we evolve with the changing regional landscape, engage with the communities we serve, and protect the environment we all share.

Austin Texas Ride Share Resources
  • The City of Austin Transportation Department is committed to providing the most safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway, and transit system for our community.
  • Contact: 512-974-1150
  • Education & Engagement

Commutifi is a platform that helps employers understand the intricate commuting behaviors of their employees as well as how to better improve commuting time, cost and your organization's carbon emissions too.


Corporate Services International provides charter services for any type of occasion you have in mind.

  • Contact: Kathy Scott
  • Last Mile Solution
  • Home to Work Commute
Austin, Texas Commuter Incentives
  • The Downtown Austin Alliance works with property owners, residents, business owners, community organizations and government entities to advance our collective vision for the future of downtown Austin.
  • Contact: 512-469-1766
  • Education & Engagement
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Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's mission is to be the leading resource and advocate for the Hispanic business community and shape a Central Texas where Hispanics thrive in business and are impactful leaders of our communities.

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Hytch is a free app that helps you track shared rides with your contacts, earning you "Trees Saved" whenever you carpool, rideshare, or use public transit. People who live in sponsored areas or work for an employee sponsor can also earn cash rewards for each qualifying mile shared and tracked.

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JUMP creates on-demand electric bikes and scooters that allow you to go farther, get there faster, and have more fun.

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LUUM’s Commuter Benefits software is built for employers to better serve today’s commuter. Luum unifies all aspects of the commute – benefits administration, parking management, and engagement tools – for an unrivaled employee and admin experience.

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Lyft provides ride sharing as an option for employees to get around when they are car free. From their app, employees can determine their desired destination, pay upfront, and their ride will be ready in a matter of minutes.

  • Contact: Aaron Fox
  • Home to Work Commute
  • Midday Trips
  • Last Mile Solutions
  • Emergency Ride Home
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MOD Bikes provides stylish electric bikes that you can rent or purchase for a more practical modern way to get around Austin.

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Point B provides management consulting in a broad range of industries. Their Future of Work practice helps companies integrate technology and efficiency into the workplace through telework and other programs.

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Ryde offers an alternative way to travel through downtown with 100% electrical vehicles.

Carpooling in Austin, Texas

Scoop is a dynamic carpool matching app. Not yet operating in Austin Contact: Landon Borup

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717 Parking is a parking solution for valet, garage maintenance, shuttle services and all other parking necessities.

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Skip has been providing last-mile transportation for nearly a decade. Their riders can ensure they are riding a durable scooter that makes for a fun and safe commute.

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Spin provides your community with dockless scooter-share to get you where you need to go. With Spin, you’re free to move.

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Star Shuttle provides private transportation for group tours, corporate events, graduations and other occasions that may come your way.

  • Contact: Pam Meadows
  • Home to Work Commute
  • Last Mile Solution
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Super Shuttle provides airport transportation and other shuttle services.

  • Contact: Billy Carter
  • Home to Work Commute
  • Last Mile Solution
Austin Texas Electric Vehicle Incentives
  • Tiny Transit Strategies Tiny Transit™ vehicles are low speed (25 mph maximum), low emission, lightweight, and narrower than conventional vehicles. Included are Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), pedicabs, scooters, motorized bicycles, and trikes.
  • Contact: Susan Engelking
  • Last Mile Solution
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TransitScreen is a platform for commuters that provides real-time mobility options, based on their location to help better plan their commute to wherever they need to go.

Austin, Texas Commuter Incentives and Benefits
  • Tripshot provides organizations a platform to manage the full scope of their transportation programs with real-time accuracy, dynamic reports, and key dispatch/admin operational workflows. Current transportation offerings include Fixed Route, Vanpool/Carpool, On Demand, Tripshot Pay, and ELD/Asset Management.
  • Contact: info@tripshot.com
  • Education & Engagement
  • Home to Work Commute
University of Texas Austin Transportation Options

Via provides a ride-sharing service app where you can book a ride from your phone and in a matter of minutes your vehicle will be headed your way.

Austin, Texas Carpool and Rideshare Resources
  • WeDriveU provides corporate shuttles as an attractive commute alternative for companies.
  • Contact: Gillian Zoss
  • Home to Work Commute
  • Last Mile Solution
Austin, Texas Car Sharing Programs

ZipCar is a round-trip carsharing service that allows employees to conveniently have a car when they need one.