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Like On-Demand Rides? Like Transit? Then Meet Pickup!

You might remember that together with Via, Capital Metro ran a pilot program for its on-demand service Pickup about a year ago. Now Pickup is back and in more areas than before! With the Pickup app, you can arrange on-demand transit service from your home to an appointment, a shopping trip or anywhere within its service zone. Pickup costs $1.25, the same as MetroBus and MetroRapid trips! The on-demand service allows you to seamlessly share your trip with other riders also going your way. Book a ride and within seconds and the powerful algorithm matches you with a vehicle that can pick you up.

Pickup serves 5 zones:

  • Pickup East ATX

  • Pickup Exposition

  • Pickup Northeast ATX

  • Pickup Walnut Creek

  • Pickup Manor

Pickup Manor replaced a low-performing circulator route and was a hit right away, already increasing the route’s daily ridership numbers by 600%!

For more information check out the Pickup page.