Austin, Texas Transportation Workshop

“I feel like I know how to talk now!”

We had a great turnout for our annual Behavior Change Workshop Movability. During the 2-day workshop, participants learned proven techniques to evoke lasting behavior change. We focus on commuting habits, but these techniques can be applied to any behavior change.

Movability’s Director of Membership & Professional Services, Alix Scarborough, led the workshop. Alix taught participants how to use motivational interviewing, one of the behavior change techniques she applies in her daily work with Central Texas employers and commuters who want to rethink their commutes.

Here’s what participants had to say about the workshop this year:

  • “Great training! I liked all the practicing and time for discussion. Hearing other people’s thoughts and having the chance to actually talk through challenges and suggestions was helpful.”
  • “I feel very confident!”
  • “Alix set just the right pace, was super thoughtful in her explanations, and kept everything moving. ”
  • “I feel like I know how to talk now!”
  • “Thank you! I would like more of your stuff to attend.”

If you’re a Movability member who will be attending the ACT International Conference in New York City this August, make sure to check your copy of the Member Lane email for details about the Movability member meet-up on August 5 and a shorter version of this workshop.

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