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Why Closing a Highway Ramp Doesn't Have to Mean Traffic Apocalypse

If you drive to points north of Austin, you've likely heard that the I-35 ramp to U.S. 183 North closed last weekend and will remain closed for four months. That's led to some gnashing of teeth, as is the case almost anytime a high-traffic corridor closes partially or totally.

There are, however, some silver linings. Big shifts outside of our control can help us establish new habits (hello, pandemic and telework.) For many travelers, there are ways to shift not just the freeway exit but the mode of travel altogether.

Research shows that when road space is reduced and more sustainable modes are added, traffic congestion also decreases. That's not quite the case here - the ramp will be re-graded and re-opened - but that doesn't mean drivers can't still use other modes.

If you're an employer whose employees commute north on U.S. 183 and are worried about the effect the ramp closure will have on their travel times, reach out to us! We can help you come up with solutions for you and your workforce that could help avoid spending time in extra traffic on I-35.