What's in the Works with Roadwork

Traffic is light right now since most of us aren’t going anywhere, but there is some ongoing roadwork to be aware of for those commuting now or planning ahead for future commutes.

If going back to gridlock doesn’t sound appealing, now is a great time to plan ahead and find better options. Returning workers and roadwork will again clog our roadways if a majority of commuters continue to drive alone. Employers can use this time to plan for better mobility options so that productivity, happiness, and retention can all increase going forward! Movability can help: contact Kate Harrington to learn more.

Here are the TxDOT projects taking shape right now.

· Projects and closures on the I-35 corridor continue throughout Williamson, Travis and Hays counties. Find specific information here: https://my35construction.org/. The latest lane closure information is included on the website as well as project descriptions, costs and even schematics.

· Oak Hill Parkway is another big project that will kick off later this year. The project will include construction of three US 290 main lanes in each direction, plus two to three frontage road lanes through the “Y” in Oak Hill. Find more information here: https://www.oakhillparkway.com/ That links contains planning information, including a virtual drive through the project. It will contain lane closures once construction begins.

· TxDOT is in the planning stages for its Loop 360 program. During that work, TxDOT plans to remove traffic signals from several major intersections and replace them with either overpasses or underpasses. Planning information can be found at http://loop360project.com/.

· TxDOT has a widening project underway on RM 2222 from Bonaventure Drive to Ribelin Ranch Drive and a new bypass road is under construction from RM 620 (a mile north of Steiner Ranch) to RM 2222 (east of the four points intersection). There is currently no website for this work, though there is information on TxDOT.gov with the keyword search “RM 620.”