What Have You Learned This Week?

Another week is drawing to a close, and some of us are beginning to feel like maybe we're getting our sea legs. If you're not there yet, that's OK - give yourself grace as we all move together into an unprecedented (at least in modern times) experience.

Here's a recap of some of the information Movability has shared this week around remote work.

1. Maintaining mental health while teleworking: Mental and emotional health is an important part of productivity, and managers should consider ways to support employees who are working remotely, whether it's a temporary arrangement or a longer-term option. Included here are some suggestions that employers can impart to employees.

2. Working with children at home: Many of your employees have an entirely new set of responsibilities at home: a school-age child (or baby, or preschooler) who is also adjusting to a new, quarantined world.

3. Setting up a remote workspace: Whether it's for a few more weeks or months, it behooves employers to develop ideas and guidelines around a workspace that supports employee health and productivity.

4. Telework Triage webinar: Movability member Point B gave a presentation on what you need to address both immediately and longer-term to ensure your transition to remote work doesn't mean lost productivity.

Are you an employer or an employee trying to adjust to remote work? Let us know your ideas, challenges, and thoughts about that and other telework topics!

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