We Can't Stop Raven About Bird

When Bird scooters swooped into Austin a few years ago, the company also made a commitment to contribute to city-wide safe, alternative mobility options. One of the ways they did that was through a partnership with Movability as a member at the Visionary level.

Bird’s membership at that high level has helped Movability grow our services and our member base - and that in turn has helped more employees connect with mobility options and take their time back from traffic. Bird’s support also helps Movability connect with other leaders in transportation demand management (TDM) nationwide at events like the annual Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) conference.

Cities like Austin are still learning how to best incorporate micro-mobility options like scooters into the fabric of regional mobility. It’s a rapid change, and those are never seamless. But we are grateful to Bird’s contributions toward a broader mobility future that includes better options to help keep us all moving.

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