Thank you, Central Texas!

Movability recently launched NPO Go!, an initiative to help nonprofits by providing them the same customized mobility planning that businesses enjoy, at no cost to them.

This year we participated in Amplify Austin through our fiscal sponsor for NPO Go!, Austin Community Foundation. We raised over $11,000 thanks to the generosity of individuals and employers all over Central Texas.

To all those who came to our happy hour on March 5 and donated at any time, we want to say a huge thank you! Your donations to NPO Go! will support the nonprofits you care most about by helping them focus their resources on their core missions – not on costs associated with transportation and mobility planning. And you’re helping to take more single-occupancy vehicles off the road, which benefits us all.

Still want to give to NPO Go? No problem! Head over to our Austin Community Foundation page to make a tax-deductible donation.