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Take the Challenge and Take Back Time from Traffic

The new year means a new chance for employers within the Austin city limits to participate in the Mobility Challenge.

The Mobility Challenge is funded by the City of Austin and implemented by Movability. With two phases, it’s the perfect opportunity for employers at all stages of mobility planning to get customized help making the best mobility policy for their workplace. It’s also a tremendous opportunity to access customized mobility assistance at very little cost, since the only financial requirement to participate is Movability membership. Participating in the Mobility Challenge means your company can access professional mobility planning services - that would normally cost thousands of dollars - at no additional cost.

The Mobility Challenge 1.0 program is for employers that have never participated in the Mobility Challenge; they may be just getting started thinking about mobility benefits, or need help refining an employee commute program. Participants in the Mobility Challenge 1.0 program get help collecting data through an annual employee commute survey, customized mobility planning and support, and a customized strategic mobility plan.

The Mobility Challenge 2.0 program helps employers put their strategic mobility plans into action with hands-on help. With this second phase of the program, Movability gives hands-on help in implementing each plan – from designing commute benefits and telework policies, to marketing the program to employees and coordinating fun educational events.

Participants in both Mobility Challenge groups also receive free consulting and help applying for a Best Places to Work for Commuters designation.

Who is eligible for participation? Any employer located within Austin city limits! Participants must be Movability members, so if you've been mulling membership, now is the perfect time to join and get double the benefits with your membership.

There are a limited number of spots for the Mobility Challenge, which will be enrolling participants through March. Join now to reserve your spot! For more information or questions, please contact Kate Harrington.