Street Closure Update

With the cancelation of SXSW, many businesses are wondering what street closures will remain and what streets will be open during the week of Spring Break (March 16-20). The following is a list of updated street closures from the City's transportation department. To learn more, visit the City's events website.

Even though the SXSW festival has been cancelled, events and shows will still be going on - and because of spring break, traffic might be thicker than usual. Next week is still a great time to use mobility options instead of driving alone!

Streets that will no longer be closed:

· Trinity St., in between Cesar Chavez & 4th St.

· 2nd St. in between San Jacinto and Trinity

· 3rd St. in between San Jacinto & Trinity

· Riverside in between South 1st & Lee Barton

· Bouldin Neighborhood closures

· Lane Closure on Congress in between 7th & 8th (Film Closures)

· 5th Street will not be converted to one way

· Electric Drive

· Capital Metro end of night over flow – 6th & Congress – one lane

· Partial Closure on Southbound Red River in between Cesar Chavez & 4th Street

Closures that will stay:

· 6th Street in between the I-35 frontage road and Brazos, plus the side streets, will be closed. That closure starts at noon on Friday March 13th and go to 3:00 a.m. Streets will open each day and APD will closed them at noon each day. If the crowds are light, then streets may remain open, but the traveling public should plan on closures each day at noon.

· The Rainey Area will be closed from River to Davis 3:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. starting March 13th. Closure might be extended to Driskill St. if crowds increase.

· Red River from 7th to 10th will be closed - at APD discretion - after 12:00 pm.

· 9th St. from the I-35 frontage to Red River will be closed from Thursday 8:00 a.m. through Monday March 22 for APD resources.

· EMS will move forward with their compound on 5th Street in between Congress and Brazos (parking and one lane) beginning Monday March 16th.

· Parking and one lane: South curb of 7th St. from Brazos and Sabine

· Onion Street from 7th to 6th, each day from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

All drop off pick up zones for bikes/scooters/TNC’s will remain