Share Your Commute Feedback!

The Association for Commuter Transportation and Center for Transportation Demand Management are conducting a nationwide survey of commuters to collect feedback on how COVID-19 may impact the mode split of commuters returning to worksites. In order to gather a deep understanding of how commute patterns may change nationwide we are inviting your organization to provide feedback on how COVID-19 may impact your constituents commutes to work.

Results from the survey will provide important information to transportation providers, policy makers, and employers on how to meet the needs of commuters and help ensure your return to the work site is safe and reliable.

This survey can be completed by all individuals currently working or planning to return to work in the coming months. The survey will take 8-10 minutes to complete.

As a thank you, all participants can choose to be entered in a drawing for one of five (5) $100 Amazon gift cards. All submission received by June 26, 2020 will qualify for the drawing.

Take the survey here