Say Howdy to our New Members!

Movability’s members are employers and transportation service providers who are committed to improving the mobility landscape in Central Texas and helping shift the culture from moving cars to moving people. This saves money on parking costs, reduces stress for employees, and takes time back from traffic.

Welcome to our newest members:

Chez Zee American Bistro is one of our GoGrant recipients. They are adding safe parking for bicycles and scooters, and believe that clean, safe human transit is great for our community and our world.

Fetii is excited to work with Movability in transforming the way businesses and groups move within Texas. Using its group-centric platform and network of large-capacity 15 passenger vehicles, Fetii has the ability to service groups on-demand as well as provide a cost-effective commuting solution to businesses and their employees.

Hallcon has more than 6,000 employees and 2,000 vehicles operating in geographies throughout North America, and serves clients such as corporations, universities, airports, hospitals and public transit. "Hallcon joined Movability because their mission aligns with our company values," says Tina Lainhart, VP of Business Development. "Movability partners with members to find safe and sustainable transportation options. We are looking forward to helping improve rider experience."

Something Cool Studios is also a GoGrant recipient, and plans to install bike racks and benches. They hope to encourage visitors and resident artists to ride to the studio anytime they can. "With ample bike parking on artfully made bike racks, the new infrastructure will complement our studio design and add to the streetscape on busy East Cesar Chavez Street in the heart of Holly neighborhood."