Say Howdy to our New Members!

Movability’s members are employers and transportation service providers who are committed to improving the mobility landscape in Central Texas and helping shift the culture from moving cars to moving people. This saves money on parking costs, reduces stress for employees, and takes time back from traffic.

Welcome to our newest members:

AGE of Central Texas is one of our GoGrant recipients. They are excited to partner with Movability to provide needed transportation to low-income older adults with cognitive and physical disabilities so they can access basic need vendors like grocery stores, pharmacies, and adult day health care facilities.

Austin Theatre Alliance (Paramount and Stateside Theatres), also a GoGrant recipient, is a second home for generations upon generations of Austinites to gather, connect, and get inspired.

BusUp's corporate shuttle services include everything needed (technology, operators, data management) for large, medium, and small businesses alike to stand up and manage a shared shuttle program that reduces program expenses while enhancing return on investment.

Fleet provides an all-in-one corporate mobility solution for setting up and managing urban mobility programs with a few clicks.

Miraval Austin is a unique kind of wellbeing space that puts purpose and people at our core and to help them create a life in balance. They're looking forward to implementing employee mobility programs. provides real-time departure information for nearby buses, trains, subway and other transit options that can be displayed in lobbies, on TVs, and digital bulletin boards.

TransWest is a shuttle and off-site parking solutions provider. "TransWest is excited to join Movability and work in partnership with public agencies and private employers to offer innovative mobility services to help Central Texas move in flexible, adaptable and safe ways! Together we can improve people's lives by making mobility better and the economic competitiveness of the region."

Young Voices of Austin is also a GoGrant recipient, and provides a high-quality afterschool program to a racially and socioeconomically diverse population of young people ages 6 to 18.