Say Howdy to our New and Renewing Members!

Movability’s members are employers and providers who are committed to improving the mobility landscape in Central Texas and helping shift the culture from moving cars to moving people. In the process, they are saving money on parking costs, reducing stress for their employees, and taking time back from traffic.

Welcome to our newest members:

Archer Malmo is digital marketing and advertising agency whose services include planning, production, digital, reporting and analysis, creative, public relations, and paid media. Their Austin office is planning a move into a new downtown space, and in order to be proactive about transportation they joined Movability to help make commutes less stressful and costly for their team.

Austin Technology Council is the unifying voice of technology in Austin and Central Texas. As the region’s largest tech industry organization, ATC empowers its members with the insights, resources and connections they need to succeed and thrive, and work collaboratively to foster innovation and growth.

Ballet Austin owns and operates a combined training facility located in the heart of downtown Austin and is among the 15 largest classical ballet companies in the country.

BOE Consulting Services LLC offers traffic engineering and transportation planning.

BSA Life Structures is an architecture, design, engineering and planning firm dedicated to progressive and sustainable design.

Big Red Dog, a division of WGI, is an engineering firm that started with a small team in Austin and has grown to include more services and locations in several states.

Carma is a leader in technology for encouraging, rewarding and verifying high-occupancy commuting.

Facebook is a name that hardly needs introduction. The social media giant has been growing its presence in Austin, and recently opened a new office downtown that has room for more than 1,500 employees.

Indeed is a powerful search engine that connects employers and employees, and has also been growing its presence in Austin.

Jump by Uber is a network of electric bike and scooter sharing.

The Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce empowers and strengthens the LGBT business community in Central Texas and its allies.

LUUM' s software system is designed to solve commute challenges for employers by administering benefits, managing parking and integrating the mobility options of their choosing.

Point B is an integrated management consulting, venture investment, and property development firm.

We’d also like to recognize our renewing members, who are leaders in Central Texas when it comes to mobility, sustainability, and employee benefits. Welcome back to Google, HPI Real Estate Services & Investment, Lyft, McLean & Howard LLP, Merck, Silicon Labs, Statesman Media, The Thrival Company, Tokyo Electron, and Whole Foods.