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Regional Transportation Needs You!

The Capital Area Regional Transportation Coordination Committee helps the Capital Area planning region - which includes 10 Central Texas counties - develop and oversee the implementation of a regionally coordinated transportation plan for that region.

This year the RTCC is updating the region’s 5-year plan, which will include, among other things:

  • Identifying overlaps and gaps in the provision of public transportation services, particularly for persons with disabilities, persons who lack personal transportation, and other key groups;
  • Identifying underused equipment owned by public transportation providers;
  • Identifying inefficiencies in the provision of public transportation services by any public transportation provider (including school districts);
  • Identifying projects for Section 5310 (Enhanced Mobility for Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities) funding.

The Capital Area RTCC is inviting members from the business community to apply to serve. To apply, submit an email to Andrew Hoekzema including all pertinent contact information and an explanation of your interest by Friday, February 19, 2021. The Committee will vote on the appointment for this and other vacancies at their next meeting scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, March 2.