Parking Meter Rate Adjustment Coming

Starting on Oct. 14, 2019, the parking meter base rate will change from $1.20 per hour in the downtown core and $1 per hour outside of it to $2 citywide. The new base rate will apply to all City of Austin metered, on-street parking spaces.

The City’s street parking system is designed to promote space turnover, which provides convenient short-term access to places of interest. However, at the current rates, Austin Transportation staff have routinely observed drivers exceeding parking time restrictions.

“This rate modernization better represents the true value of street parking. It also supports the city of Austin’s goals of providing more mobility options and reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips,” Robert Spillar, director of the Austin Transportation Department, said.

In order to reduce congestion, national best practices have shown that one to two parking spaces should be available at any time on any given block, minimizing the time that drivers spend circling in traffic in search of a nearby parking space.

Many transportation experts feel that street parking in general contributes to the drive-alone habits that are increasing traffic congestion in our cities. Helping travelers connect with other options instead of defaulting to the assumption that cheap and abundant parking will be available can help minimize the number of vehicles choking city streets and also contribute to cities moving more people, instead of moving just cars.

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