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Movability on the Move: An Employer’s Journal

Many of Movability’s members join or add to their services when they are moving to a new office space. A move is, after all, a natural time to consider mobility policies and how those play a role in your company’s culture, benefits, and costs.

Movability is growing and needs more space, so we’re looking at options for our own office. We are documenting that process in a series that we’ll publish in our newsletter and on our website. We hope this will give other employers insights into what questions to ask, details to take into consideration, and plans to make when thinking about commutes as part of a move.

Like many of our members, Movability is growing. We’ve been fortunate to share office space with one of our founding members, the Downtown Austin Alliance. But as we and the DAA are both adding employees, it’s time for us to find some new space!

One of the first considerations for Movability was staying close to mass transit and close to our members. Our employees use a variety of options, from transit and telework to bike riding or carpooling to get to work – and they come from points north, south, and west. That meant that from the start we knew we would need to focus our search on a part of Austin that’s easily accessible with those mobility options. We also want to be able to easily reach our members, many of whom are in or near downtown.

And we needed to consider our mission. Helping other employers connect with mobility options isn't just our job, it's something we feel is vitally important for our region. So a new office needs to be in a place that lets our employees walk the walk - pun intended!

We have used these factors to narrow our search to a few parts of Austin. Stay tuned for more updates, challenges, and deliberations when it comes to mobility planning during a move!