More Acronyms to Love: City's Transportation Criteria Manual (TCM) Gets Approved

Austin's City Manager approved a revised version of the Transportation Criteria Manual, or TCM this month, a change that prioritizes vulnerable street users and provides consistent guidance on safe street design to engineers, planners, consultants and developers.

The TCM is one of nine criteria manuals included in the land development code. The new TCM changes include narrower street sections to create safer crossings for pedestrians, bikes and transit users; implementation of a new development review approach focused on reducing drive-alone car trips; and a standardization of raised bike lanes as the preferred bicycle facility for larger streets.

This updated document is the result of extensive collaboration with design professionals, multiple City departments, partner agencies, and collaboration from stakeholders. The newly approved TCM will become effective on June 20, 2022, and City staff anticipates holding public information sessions in Spring 2022.