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Meet Movability's Interns

Movability is excited to introduce our two newest interns, Alex Terrazas and Sophia Amstalden.

Sophia is originally from College Station, Texas and is attending the University of Texas at Austin where she is a first year student. She plans to major in marketing and minor in management information systems at the McCombs School of Business.

"Because I am a first-year student, I am most excited about trying lots of different things and gaining experience to find where I really fit! I am specifically interested in learning about marketing strategies and how to support sustainable practices in the transportation industry."

You can reach Sophia at:

Alex is a junior at Texas State University, where he's majoring in geography and minoring in psychology and film. He hails from Helotes, Texas.

"I have this unique combination of studies because I’m fascinated by patterns that occur across space-time and how the cultural products of these patterns can be used in reverse to alter the patterns we experience in our world. This concept of cultural change is something I’m very excited to learn about at Movability as I dive into why people move through space how they do, and how we can affect culture for people to start rethinking how they get where they need to go."

You can reach Alex at: