Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for gift ideas for the commuter in your life? Here are some recommendations from Movability.

  • The top of our list is of course a donation to NPO Go!, which gives charitable nonprofits and their employees access to mobility planning. That means they can focus on the important work they do, and it also means less traffic for everyone!

  • If you’re searching for a gift for an active commuter, try a pass to Capital Metro, a B-Cycle membership, or gift card to MOD Bikes.

  • A Spotify or Bandcamp gift card – especially if paired with some nice headphones – can make a bus ride into a fun commute!

  • Every active commuter needs a good backpack to carry a laptop and other essentials on transit, a bike, carpool, walk, or a combination of mobility options.

  • A good book in paper or audio form can also help a commute speed by.

  • Even Texas gets chilly sometimes. For those wintry days at the bus stop, a pair of gloves are a must. Even better? Touchscreen gloves that let the wearer use their smartphone without pulling gloves off.

  • Whether it’s hot coffee or cold water, active commuters also need a good insulated bottle or tumbler to keep hydrated!