Help nonprofits focus on doing good, not getting to work

Let’s Go News readers know that Movability recently launched NPO Go!, an initiative with the goal of providing 501(c)3 organizations with the same customized mobility planning we provide to corporations, but at a fraction of the cost.

Over the past six months, Movability has received requests from five local nonprofit organizations that together employ approximately 400 people. These nonprofits reached out because - like corporations in Central Texas - their employees have long commutes, experience difficulty getting to work due to traffic, and have no affordable or convenient place to park. These nonprofits would like Movability to create a commuter plan that will address these pressing problems, as well as help retain employees, boost morale, and improve health. Unfortunately, four of these nonprofits have been unable to secure the funding for Movability membership and services even though they are offered on a sliding scale based on the number of employees.

Here’s where you come in! For 24 hours from March 5-6 Central Texans are invited to participate in Amplify Austin by giving locally to nonprofits. While the big day of giving happens in March, early giving has already started! We would love your help spreading the word about what NPO Go does, donating if you’re able, and inviting others to share information about NPO Go.

The best part about giving to NPO Go is that your donation has a double impact: you’re helping get cars off our roads and you’re helping the nonprofits you love to focus their resources on their core mission.

Learn more and donate here

If donating isn't something you can do but you still want to help the cause, consider becoming an Ambassador! Movability would supply you with templates for emails and social media messages and all you would have to do is spread the word to your network. Contact Kate Harrington if you're interested in becoming an ambassador for nonprofits and mobility.