Healthy Streets Update

In a recent update to the Mayor and City Council, the Austin Transportation Department said the Healthy Streets program will slowly begin to wind down the original pilot program and begin the work of planning for permanent Healthy Streets Infrastructure.

The temporary routes on Riverside Drive, Garden Villa Lane, and the northern section of Comal Street are in the process of being removed. About four miles of temporary Healthy Streets routes will remain in place, including Comal Street from Rosewood Avenue to Nash Hernandez Drive, Avenue G, Bouldin Avenue, and South 3rd Street.

"With direction from Council to establish a more permanent program, staff from the Public Works and Transportation departments have launched a permanent Healthy Streets pilot program," the update says. "The first step in the planning process is to develop criteria for where permanent Healthy Street infrastructure may be most equitably offered. Staff have initiated this effort."

Read the full document here.