Exclusive Rates for Movability Members From Brain+Trust

Guest article by Movability member Brain+Trust Partners

Brain+Trust Partners knows that many companies have urgent needs to lower expenses, alongside opportunities to leverage insights and improve customer experiences in the "new normal" of remote business. Amid the uncertainty for all of business, we are narrowing our services and lowering our fees, ahead of any return to vibrancy later this year and next, including services such as:

  • Customer Data Privacy Compliance – with data privacy and data breach laws in motion in 27 states (including Texas) in 2020-21, a review of your systems and operations to determine vulnerabilities and opportunities to manage customer consent and establish a data governance policy. (30 day engagement)
  • Advanced Analytics - predictive analysis, performance modeling and forecasting for Q3-Q4 2020 that can improve efficiencies across marketing, staffing and other operations to grow revenue. (30-60 day engagement)
  • Media Analytics/Strategy - media performance analysis and strategy that helps build attribution/ROI models and better plan market efforts on a reduced budget. (30-60 day engagement)

Brain+Trust can also assist with new product/service development - mobile apps, loyalty networks and delivery services are examples of projects we are currently managing and producing for clients, along with market research that provides for a confident vision and direction to build "what's next."

These are most challenging and interesting times, and we are committed to providing reasonable guidance and actionable plans to ensure business continuity, now and over the coming quarters.

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