Designing a Telework Resource Page for your Business

If you haven't already started compiling your company's policies and guidance around remote work in one location for employees to reference, think about providing a one-stop shop for such information.

Here are some links and resources you can include on a company telework page:

1. Your company's telework policy. Whether you had one in place already, are in the process of developing one, or are altering an existing policy to reflect the current remote work situation, having your policy in an easily accessible place - and letting employees know when it's been updated - is an important first step. Stuck on what a telework policy should include? Check out this sample policy that Movability member Thrival created.

2. Weekly company-wide updates from leadership. Especially during this time when nearly all employees are working remotely, communication is vital. Even if it's something you've sent out via email, an update here will help disseminate important information.

3. Accolades. Don't put off praising employees for accomplishments until people are together again in the office - highlighting achievements on a company intranet page is great reinforcement and a morale-booster.

4. Tutorials on technology. We're all leaning more heavily on tools like Zoom, Skype, Teams, and cloud storage. Your employees may have had a rudimentary understanding of how to use that technology that now needs to be expanded. Including step-by-step instructions on how to access and lead meetings with some of these tools will save a lot of time and frustration.

5. Updates from local and federal authorities on the Covid-19 pandemic, and what it means for your business. This one is a temporary, but important, piece of information, since guidance changes frequently.

6. Health and wellness information for employees. From tips on the optimal set up for a home office (see Thrival's guide to home office ergonomics) to mental health resources, keep remote employees connected to valuable wellness resources to decrease stress. If your company has a membership with a gym that's offering online classes, this is a good place to put that information too.

7. A space to ask questions. If you're considering making remote work a bigger part of your workplace moving forward, you might want to eventually conduct an annual or semi-annual telework survey. For now, have a place where employees can submit questions, concerns, or feedback on their remote work setup. This will help you design an ongoing program, should you choose to use teleworking as an option in the future.

Are you an employer or an employee trying to adjust to remote work? Let us know your ideas, challenges, and thoughts about that and other telework topics!

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