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Congress Ave. is Getting Mobility Upgrades!

This fall, Austin Transportation will make mobility and safety improvements on Congress Avenue between Riverside Drive and 11th Street. The changes will include protected bicycle lanes, left and right turn lanes at key intersections, safer and more flexible signalization, and improved pedestrian crossings. The improvements are a significant interim step towards the complete improvements envisioned in the Congress Urban Design Initiative (UDI).

The new design is expected to reduce crashes, improve yielding and visibility, and shorten crossing distances. The protected bicycle lanes will establish physical separation between motor vehicles and people riding bicycles or scooters. The new bicycle lanes will be protected using flexible delineator posts and parking stops. Access to all driveways and on-street parking will remain in place.

Earlier this summer, with direction from an Austin City Council resolution, City staff installed temporary bicycle lanes to open street space to people on bicycles and scooters, giving more space on sidewalks to people walking, as well as to retailers and restaurants per COVID-19 risk-based guidelines. The temporary bicycle lanes will remain on the street until the new mobility and safety improvements are in place.

Installation is scheduled to begin this week at the south end of the project and will progress in phases over the next four to six weeks. For more information, please visit the project website: