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Capital Metro's New Downtown Station

Capital Metro's downtown station opened on Oct. 19, several months ahead of its originally-scheduled opening.

The new station features three tracks and two platforms, and will act as a public plaza that ties together the Downtown Station, the Convention Center and surrounding hotels and businesses.

Capital Metro says that while the new Downtown Station and adjacent plaza will enhance the area's public space, its primary function will be to make easy connections between MetroRail and other kinds of transportation. Customers will be able to connect to:

  • Local MetroBus service (Route 17 on Cesar Chavez and Route 4 on 7th St.)
  • Electric Cab
  • Car-share
  • MetroBike
  • Scooters
  • Austin's bicycle trails

According to the Austin Business Journal, the latest numbers from August show 12,000-weekday rail riders on Capital Metro. Just before the pandemic, in February, Capital Metro had a little over 60,0000 MetroRail riders on an average weekday.