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Beat High Gas Prices with TDM

With high gas prices showing no signs of easing soon, it's a great time to switch out drive-alone trips for other modes that can save you money.

Transportation demand management, or TDM, simply means using the the transportation infrastructure we already have in ways that spread demand across different modes. Not sure where to start? Using Get There Central Texas can help you identify different options - and when you log your trips on the Get There platform, you're entered for prize drawings!

Try driving to a park and ride and taking transit; riding a bike to replace shorter car trips; combining transit and bike or scooter share services; or carpooling. Get There Central Texas helps you find carpools, vanpools, and bike groups to ride with. Teleworking counts too - if you work from home, logging those telework "trips" counts toward prize drawings.

Give it a try and start saving your money for things that are way more fun than filling up a gas tank!