Be Part of a Groundbreaking Commute Study Pilot

Movability has just launched a ground-breaking project in partnership with Texas State University that we think will open the door to a new era in mobility planning.

Together with the Translational Research Initiative at Texas State University, we are conducting a research study that considers how individuals utilize various transportation systems during their daily commutes to their workplace. The goal of this research is to begin to understand the multi-modal commuting behaviors of those who live and work in the Greater Austin Texas area.

This project will focus on employees who work in downtown Austin, and participants will be asked to respond for 30 days. Participants will answer an easy one question each day via text about the types and number of transportation modes they used to get to work that morning. Answers and identity will be kept confidential and anonymous through a response only-system that masks participant cellphone numbers.

We are hoping this is the first step toward getting a true picture of mode split, which will help Movability and its partners better address mobility needs and opportunities as our region grows.

Be part of the study!