Be Air Aware When Planning Commutes

Not only has this year been much warmer than usual, our region has experienced worse air quality than in past years.

Some of the factors that go into Ozone Action Days are beyond our immediate control (wildfires, industrial ozone), but there are plenty of small steps we can all take to reduce sources of smog.

Reducing the amount of drive-alone commutes is a great way to cut down on vehicle emissions AND save money! If enough people shift their commutes away from driving alone, even once or twice a week, the benefits also extend to traffic congestion.

If you aren't sure what options are available to you, that's OK! Not all sustainable options work for all people. Carpooling is an easy way to start reducing drive-alone trips and work for almost anywhere you need to get to. Check out Get There Central Texas to find carpool matches (and other commute modes), log your trips to get rewards, and see just how much money and carbon you can save by taking a vehicle off the road! Commuters who are in the Get There Central Texas network and actively logging trips are also eligible for the Emergency Ride Home program.

Visit Air Central Texas to learn more about air quality in Central Texas.