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Back to School Doesn't Have to Mean Back to Traffic

The start of a new school year usually means a big jump in traffic congestion. Start the school year off right by creating new habits that don't add to traffic!

Here are some great ways to build healthy mobility habits for students and their adults. Use these modes to get to school and work:

  • Follow Arthur P.'s example and beat the back-to-school traffic by riding bikes to school and work. He's an Austin ISD student who made a goal to ride his bike to school and back every day this year! See Austin's bike lanes here.
  • Take the bus: Capital Metro offers free rides to K-12 students, UT students with a valid UT student ID, and ACC students with a green pass.
  • Carpool: Getting together with neighbors who are going to the same school is a great way to reduce stress and avoid the lengthy pickup lines at school. Carpooling works for grown-ups too - use Get There Central Texas to find a ride match.
  • Walking: If you live within walking distance, try walking your child to school or form a walking school bus.

Even trying out a new transportation mode once a week can create impactful and sustainable change! And please remember to:

  • Drive with extra caution near school campuses
  • Watch out for students walking to and from bus stops