Are You Ready to Rock (the Car-Free Festival Experience)?

The ACL Fest is coming up - this year’s music extravaganza will take place Oct. 4-6 and Oct. 11-13. Whether or not you’re attending, any large music festival in Austin also means large traffic jams if you’re getting around in a private vehicle.

But there’s good news! There are lots of car-free ways to get to ACL. Even if you're not planning to attend the festival, chances are good you'll be impacted by the traffic from street closures and visitors getting around. This is an excellent opportunity to try out mobility options to bypass both traffic and crowds. Here are a few ideas for visitors and locals alike:

  • Take transit: Capital Metro is offering special event service during the festival.
  • Ride a bike: ACL Festival provides plenty of bike parking. If you don’t have your own, rent a bike from Austin B-Cycle or Jump.
  • Scoot: Just make sure you park your scooter in designated spots! Bird and Spin are just a few of the scooter options around town.
  • Carpool: Share a ride with Via, Carma, Scoop, Lyft Line or organize your own!
  • Ride Share: Car2Go and Zipcar let you drive without the hassle of finding your own parking.

Using mobility options will help you enjoy the music without the hassle of parking and traffic jams, and you’ll be keeping Austin’s air cleaner by reducing emissions. Rock on!