A Farewell from Revel

Movability works with many great partner members, almost all of whom have been affected by the pandemic. We were not the only ones who were sad to learn of Revel's departure from the Austin market in December, so we asked Revel's Stephen Cortes to leave us with some parting words. Stephen writes:

"Revel thoroughly enjoyed operating in Austin and serving as a real way for Austinites to reduce car trips, parking congestion, and emissions in the city. We loved working with Lisa Kay, Kate, Anton, and the great folks at Movability. We also found a great partner in the Austin Transportation Department, who welcomed us to this fantastic city.

Unfortunately, just as spring and the normal demand that comes with Austin's robust tourism and events calendar arrived, so did COVID-19. For a company like Revel to succeed here, the vibrant social culture has to be a part of the equation, as well as demand from The University of Texas at Austin. For the immediate future, this demand wasn't going to return, so Revel had to make a judgment call. We will continue to assess opportunities in Austin and the great state of Texas.

All the best from Team Revel."