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Meet our Commute Heroes

Breaking out of a pattern can be a big challenge, especially when it's a habit we've built up over years - like hopping in your car or truck alone to commute. That's why it's exciting to highlight real-life commute heroes who tried other modes and have found reasons to love them.

Meet Kimberli Coleman and Marshall Jackson, two Movability employees who started with our organization in 2023. Neither one had used transit in Austin before starting their roles with Movability, but both are now MetroRail commuters.

Here's what each one said about their experience as new transit riders:

Q: What do you like about using transit?

Marshall: "I don’t have to sit in traffic hating my existence."

Kimberli: "I love the convenience of public transit. I feel like I'm in control of my commute without having to deal with the stress of physically operating a vehicle. My daily route feels safe and easy to travel."

Q: Any tips you'd share with other commuters who might be considering transit?

Kimberli: "Take your time to learn the different systems. Don't feel obligated to overextend yourself in using only one mode of transit. Ask as many questions as you need. And have fun with it!"

Marshall: "It’s peaceful and super helpful to your mental health to switch from long commutes in traffic to a quiet train ride."

Are YOU a commute hero? Let us know if you'd like to be featured!