Fashion for the Active Commuter

Choosing an active way to get to work, even if it’s only once or twice a week, means you get to build exercise into your commute time. Even taking transit gives you extra steps in your day! But it does take some planning, especially during the summertime. Now that the summer heat is here, Movability’s Program Coordinator Alex Terrazas has put together a guide to help you get the best of both worlds: a sustainable commute that helps you stay healthy without sacrificing fashion.

If your office has a “chill” vibe, you can swap the long-sleeved button-up shirt for a short sleeve button-up top, a lightweight polo, or dress up a solid t-shirt with a chain or necklace. Along with some khaki shorts, you can stay cool while getting active on your way to work. If lipstick and heels are more your vibe and the dress code isn’t too strict, a blouse with lightweight fabric pairs well with a solid yoga pant for the ride to work, then throw on a sports coat when you get to the office for an athleisure chic look.

In a more formal office culture, shorts might not be an option, but brands like Patagonia and Isaora make extra lightweight and fast-drying khakis and stretch chinos, respectively. These pants crafted for action also work in a business casual setting and can increase the comfort of an active commute. For a more feminine look, companies like SHEIN and Steve Madden offer lightweight rompers that are perfect for staying cool while walking or cycling from the bus stop.

Regardless of office culture, all active commuters need a backpack or pannier. This should have enough space to comfortably carry your laptop, notebooks, water bottle, and some other important accessories. If your office has showers and lockers, you will also want space in your commuter bag to bring a change of clothes and essentials to freshen up.

Whether you bike, take transit, skate, walk, or kayak to work (kayak commutes have happened in Austin!) we hope these tips help you feel comfortable and stylish during your commute.