Covid-19 Telework Resources


If your organization is trying to keep up with a new remote work way of doing business, Movability is here to help. Feel free to use the resources on this page to help you learn the nuances of remote meetings, the resources you can provide employees, how to maintain interpersonal connections, and more.

These tools are meant to help your business or organization get a remote work setup up and running right away. But if you think telework is a viable option for your workplace longer-term, they can also be used to train employees who work remotely.

Does your workplace need customized support to create a remote work structure? Movability can help! Contact Kate Harrington to learn more.

In May of 2020 Movability and Texas State University conducted a COVID-19 Telework Survey, with responses from more than 730 Central Texans.

See the results and read the report here


It’s safe to say there’s one thing on almost everyone’s mind right now: when our economy can re-open. While there’s still no clear answer to what that re-opening will look like, what is clear is that even as we get back to work the business landscape will be much altered.

With that in mind, managers can begin shifting their current telework arrangement into a longer-term policy that helps their business move forward.

Why consider...


Several of Movability's Partner members are going above and beyond to help the Central Texas community, and we want to sing their praises!

Capital Metro is an essential service, and is still operating - although the agency is urging people to use transit only when necessary, and has modified its level of service to reflect a smaller ridership. To more safely serve those who rely on and work in...


Here's a recap of some of the information Movability has shared this week around remote work.

1. Tackling Technology in a Home Office: While working from home can feel like a luxury in some ways, it can also bring up new frustrations when you don't have resources at your fingertips - like IT support.



If you haven't already started compiling your company's policies and guidance around remote work in one location for employees to reference, think about providing a one-stop shop for such information.

Here are some links and resources you can include on a company telework page:

1. Your company's telework policy. Whether you had one in place already, are in the process of developing one, or are altering an existing policy...


Before Covid-19 hit, keeping private, secure data safe likely meant that employees handling that data did so from within an office that has protections in place. Since that's no longer a choice for many businesses, it's time to put a plan in place to keep sensitive information secure. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

1. VPNs: Whether the data your employees are handling is personal health information (PHI) that...


There's nothing like working remotely to challenge entire sets of assumptions. For many people in the workforce, it's the time spent in the office or at meetings that's the primary metric for productivity - but with a remote work setup, it's impossible for managers to know when employees are at a desk or on calls.

Furthermore, many employees won't have the latitude to spend an unbroken eight-plus hours at work right now, as some may be...


While working from home can feel like a luxury in some ways, it can also bring up new frustrations when you don't have resources at your fingertips - like IT support.

Some of the most common challenges teleworking employees run into are those involving technology, and that's true now more than ever due to the sheer number of people accessing online tools.

Here's a look at some of the tech hurdles teleworking employees run into,...


Another week is drawing to a close, and some of us are beginning to feel like maybe we're getting our sea legs. If you're not there yet, that's OK - give yourself grace as we all move together into an unprecedented (at least in modern times) experience.

Here's a recap of some of the information Movability has shared this week around remote work.



If you're one of the many employers whose employees have found themselves suddenly working from home lately - perhaps along with a partner and children - you may not have given much thought to a home office setup. It's time to change that.

Whether it's for a few more weeks or months, it behooves employers to develop ideas and guidelines around a workspace that supports employee health and productivity. That's especially true if your...


Let's talk about the elephant in the room (or more accurately, the child in the home office).

You've communicated with your team about how to move forward with the work you're doing; you've set up the technology to enable virtual meetings and document sharing; you've given your employees the resources they need to complete their work.

But many of your employees have an entirely new set of responsibilities at home: a school-age...


Working remotely can ease a lot of stress for employees, from erasing commute woes to providing a comfortable and familiar workspace. But for those who are suddenly embarking on a telework experiment - as many of us are right now - it can also be a jarring transition.

Mental and emotional health is an important part of productivity, and managers should consider ways to support employees who are working remotely, whether it's a...

telework webinar.png

Is your business ready to implement remote work in a time of crisis? If the answer is "I don't know" watch this webinar presented by Movability and Point B.

We'll go over what you need to address both immediately and longer-term to ensure your transition to remote work doesn't mean lost productivity.

Do you have specific questions, insights, or concerns about remote work that you'd like Movability to address in our Remote Work...


If you've created a remote work environment on the fly this week, give yourself a pat on the back and take a breather! Then, it's time to think about getting your next steps in place.

Not knowing how long quarantines, social distancing, and shelter in place routines will be in place is challenging, but it also means you have an opportunity to examine what's been working, what hasn't, and how the new remote work dynamic can help you...


Some employers may already have had robust remote work policies in place before COVID-19 hit. Those who didn't are not only establishing new ways to communicate and delegate, they're having to create a new work culture.

While technology and communication are the first pieces to put into place when establishing a new remote work policy and plan, workplace culture shouldn't be ignored if you want employees to continue feeling connected...


One of the most important aspects of remote work is communication. Well-established lines of communications and clear expectations are key to moving projects along and keeping employees connected to their colleagues and their work.

1. Who reports to whom? This might seem obvious, but it needs to be clear to all employees. Forms of communication that are easy to take for granted like desk drop-bys and impromptu...


While remote work is growing in popularity as a mobility option and productivity tool, many employers might not have remote work infrastructure in place.

If you're among those employers and are suddenly trying to navigate a remote work setup, there are some basic FAQs you might want to know to help make the coming weeks as productive as possible.

First of all, what exactly is remote work? You've probably also heard it called...


With a quickly-changing work and home landscape due to COVID-19, many employers are suddenly finding themselves in the position of asking their employees to work remotely.

Remote work can be a fantastic way to keep momentum going on projects, help employees stay productive, and ensure continuous operations. But it's not as easy as handing everyone a laptop and assuming they'll be able to continue work as usual.

Successful remote...