Movability works with businesses of all types and sizes, from local organizations with a few employees to multi-national corporations that have thousands of employees in Central Texas. The one thing they all have in common: the businesses, universities, and organizations we work with want to take back their time from traffic. We can help businesses reduce parking and facilities costs, find the right mobility providers for their location and culture, or develop a customized commute policy.

Corporate Membership Levels

2 to 49 employees

$150 per year, plus10% discount on à la carte customized services

50 to 199 employees

$300 per year

200 to 499 employees

  • $600 per year

500 to 999 employees

$1200 per year

1000 or more employees

  • $1800 per year
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Membership benefits

  • Networking opportunities with other Movability members—CEOs and Directors

  • Leading the movement for better commuting options

  • Consultation session with our expert staff to review your mobility programs and recommend resources and next steps (up to one complimentary session per year)

  • Opportunity to purchase à la carte professional services (additional fee applies)

  • Access to the online Mobility Toolkit

  • Invitation to Movability events and programs

  • Exclusive discounts with our mobility partners

  • Discount tickets to Movability training opportunities

  • Recognition on the website as a corporate member

  • Name inclusion in the Let’s Go newsletters (20 issues per year)

  • Recognition of your company’s mobility efforts in our newsletter and other media

  • Ability to list Movability as an employee benefit on your website and recruitment materials

Professional Planning & Implementation Services

We do the work of creating a mobility plan so that you and your employees can focus on what you do best, and not worry about how to get there! Let us collaborate to design solutions that will work well for your business needs and your employees’ interests. Corporate members have the opportunity to purchase the following services.

  • Survey your employees regarding transportation and commute to understand habits, values, tolerances, and interests
  • Design sustainable activities that will help shape and shift employee behavior
  • Assist in defining a strategic plan that fit into your short and long term goals
  • Create an implementation plan for training and promoting a mobility to your employees
  • Tailor mobility and commute options to address your challenges
  • Assist in securing executive management, human resources, and/or facilities buy-in for implementation
  • Assist in creating on-going evaluations to make sure the mobility plan continues to work for you throughout the year
  • Tailor employee learning, promotions, and one-to-one support services to ensure employees value the mobility options you are providing
  • Ensure employees have adequate information, ability, and motivations to change their travel behaviors
  • Annual survey to assess the success or improvement areas for mobility within your organization

Ready to join?

Please contact Kate Harrington for any questions regarding membership or simply fill out this the form below to join now.