Alix Scarborough

  • Commutes: MetroRapid Bus, Car2go, Lyft, telework
  • Alix wears many hats – consultant, trainer, public speaker, behavior change specialist, and strategic planner of Movability’s programs. She is a 2019 recipient of the Association for Commuter Transportation’s national Emerging Leader Award, member of the national TMA Council, and graduate of the inaugural ImpACT! Leadership program. She holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Management alongside her Bachelor’s degree in urban and regional planning. Before joining Movability in 2014, Alix was a planner at Black + Vernooy Architects. Alix is a proud nerd. She loves reading, dressing up for the Renaissance Festival, and hanging out at Yard Bar with her husband and their dog, Indy (short for Indiana Jones). Alix has lived in Austin since middle school and claims this is long enough to be considered a “native Austinite.”